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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Marsh of DunstableMarsh of Dunstable is a man who, according to John Palmer, is allegedly the head of the College of Witches coven; Marsh is sometimes thought of as a good or white witch, although this is considered to be simply the "blackest" cover of the Devil, in order for him to accomplish his evil deeds.(2)I know not whether to reduce Marsh of Dunstable, whom Palmer confesseth to be the head of the whole Colledge of Witches, that hee knows in the world: This Palmer hath been a Witch these 60 years, (by his own confession) long enough to know and give in the totall summe of all the Conjuring conclave, and the society of Witches in England. This Marsh hath so long gratified the Country people with his Conjurations, that time and ignorance stiles him a good Witch, or a white Witch; I suppose you easily grant that the Divel is never blacker, and more to be abhorr'd then when hee transforms himself into an Angel of Light. Sr. I easily believe that if Marsh was brought to his tryall, hee might confesse as much of his brother Lilly, as Palmer hath of him, that impudent Prognosticator, and bold Balaam.()