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William Laud's life and death are allegedly foretold in chapters thirteen and fifteen of the Revelation of John.(1)

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Prophecie of the Life, Reigne, and Death of William Laud. London: 1644, 1

1644 Canterbury    Kent  Kent  England 

A man (Anonymous 182), long troubled with Ague (a fever), allegedly saw an Apothecary who "delivered unto him six very small rouls of paper, rouled up very close, and bid him eat them." The man ate three of the paper rolls, and unrolled three of them; he read upon them "Do well, or, All is well." Assuming "there could be no Magick in this," he ate the rest, and developed terrible stomach pain, but was soon cured.(98-99)

Appears in:
Casaubon, Meric. A Treatise Proving Spirits, Witches, and Supernatural Operations. London: 1672, 98-99

1672 Canterbury    Kent  Kent  England 

John Darrell, after his chastisement by the Archbishop of Yorke, is summoned before the Commissioners of Canterbury, and after a day of harsh speeches, is sent to the Gatehouse.(Image 7)

Appears in:
Co., G.. A Breife Narration of the Possession, Dispossession, and, Repossession of William Sommers. Amsterdam: 1598, Image 7

1597 Canterbury    Kent  Kent  England