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List of all Event assertions around a specific county

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Hannah Crump is cured of her affliction with witchcraft, after her family fast and pray for a day on her behalf. Hannah Crump finds herself able to take a Bible, and read it for an hour or two. Hannah and her father John Crump rejoice, and her affliction never troubled her again.(20)

Appears in:
Barrow, John. The Lord's Arm Stretched Out in an Answer of Prayer, or, A true Relation of the Wonderful Deliverance of James Barrow. London: 1664, 20

1661, July Warwick  Warwick  Warwickshire  Warwickshire  England 

Katherine Atkins disappears mysteriously after having given an old woman a pin. The woman had threatened that Katherine would disappear when the latter had offered her some victuals or thread from the shop.(7-8)

Appears in:
E.G., Gent.. A Prodigious & Tragic History of the Arraignment, Trial, Confession, and Condemnation of Six Witches at Maidston Kent. London: 1652, 7-8

1652, July 24 Warwick  Warwick  Warwickshire  Warwickshire  England