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Eleanor Holland and Elizabeth Hardman have a fit lasting three days and three nights during which they cannot eat nor can they talk to anyone but each other, "to ther lads. saue that their lads gaue them leaue (as the said) the one to eate a toast & drink, the other a sower milk posset." Despite the permission, they say that Hartley is angry they ate, and made them vomit it up again. On the last night, Eleanor Holland is made to take up a distaff and spin faster and a finer thread than she ever has before, which she did for an hour and a half straight.(Image 6)

Appears in:
Darrel, John. A True Narration of the Strange and Greuous Vexation by the Devil, of 7. Persons in Lancashire, and William Somers of Nottingham. Unknown: 1600, Image 6

1598, March 21 Greater Manchester  Leigh  Lancashire  Lancashire  England