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John Winnick alleged in his confession that the day after the bear-like spirit (Anonymous 130) first appeared to him, he returned to the barn and found his purse on the floor. When he picked it up, Anonymous 130 appeared again, and Winnick "fell downe upon his knees and said, my Lord and God I thanke you." Anonymous 130 said that it had brought two other spirits with it, one like a white cat (Anonymous 131) and one like a grey coney (Anonymous 132), and that Winnick was to worship them as well. Anonymous 130 promised that Winnick would never lack for food, that Anonymous 131 would hurt anyone he desired, and that Anonymous 132 would hurt any animal he desired. Anonymous 130 also said it must have Winnick's soul when he died, and some blood to seal the covenant. When Winnick agreed, Anonymous 130 pricked him on the head; thereafter all three would come to him daily to suck from his body.(3-4)

Appears in:
Davenport, John. The Witches of Huntingdon. London: 1646, 3-4

1615, June 22   Molesworth  Cambridgeshire  Cambridgeshire  England