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Joseph Weedon's hay barn catches on fire and burns to the ground on the 22nd of May following a threat from Mary/Ann Foster. The fire is almost impossible to put out. Weedon moves his family out of their home, fearing for their safety, and indeed they, and the barn, remain safe for the whole two weeks of his absence. Days later, his corn barn also catches on fire, as do his wheat crops. The fire jumps to his house, which also burns to the ground. The damages total over 300 pound, and he blames Mary/Ann Foster for his loss.(5-6)

Appears in:
Anonymous. Relation of the Most Remarkable Proceedings at the late Assizes at Northampton. London: 1674, 5-6

1674, May 22   Eastcote  Northamptonshire  Northamptonshire  England 

While Joseph Weedon's property burns, many of his neighbours come out to help, including Mary/Ann Foster, who was observed to tell several people that "all they did was but in vain, and that do what they could, they should never be able to quench the fire," confirming among the minds of the town that Mary/Ann Foster is involved with "devilish art."(6)

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Full and True Relation of the Tryal, Condemnation, and Execution of Ann Foster. London: 1674, 6

1674, May 22   Eastcote  Northamptonshire  Northamptonshire  England