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Christian Shaw has a series of fits lasting eight days. She is often unable to speak and her body is rigid and contorted, and she has pain in her left side.(11)

Appears in:
Cullen, Francis Grant. A True Narrative of the Sufferings and Relief of a Young Girle; Strangely Molested, by Evil Spirits and their Instruments. Edinburgh: 1698, 11

1698 Erskine  Erskine  Renfrewshire  County of Ayr  Scotland 

Lord Francis Grant Cullen, author of Sadducimus Debellatus: or, a True Narrative of the Sorceries and Witchcrafts, asserts that the devil has altered his form over time to suit his varying purposes, stating that In the darkness of Popery he was transformed into a more innocent sort of Spirit called Brownie or Fairy. (2)

Appears in:
Cullen, Francis Grant. Sadducimus Debellatus. London: 1698, 2

1698 London   London  London, City of  London  England