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List of all Event assertions around a specific nation

ID Short Description Date City Parish Current County Old county Nation

The Countess of Essex is awakened by an apparition that comes to her in the form of her husband.(24)

Appears in:
Baxter, Richard. The Certainty of the Worlds of Spirits and, Consequently, of the Immortality of Souls. London: 1691, 24

1656, August     Glamorgan  Glamorgan  Wales 

Master Lewis, a minister, is executed at Berry, in the year 1645, accused of witchcraft. Allegedly, however, he suffers from a disease "called Hemorroids or Piles," which results in swelling and the pouring of blood, which was mistaken for witchcraft.(128)

Appears in:
Ady, Thomas. A Candle in the Dark . London: 1655, 128

1645 Barry    Glamorgan  Glamorgan  Wales