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List of all Event assertions around a specific oldcounty

ID Short Description Date City Parish Current County Old county Nation

The appearance of thunder and lightening in the sky causes the residents of Hertford to become fearful and confused as to the meaning of it.(12-15)

Appears in:
Dekker, Thomas. Look Up and see Wonders a Miraculous Apparition in the Air. London: 1628, 12-15

1628, April 9   Hatford  Hertfordshire  Oxford  England 

Mr. Amyce has a woman who be believes to be a witch (Anonymous 225) committed to the goal in Hertford for allegedly bewitching him.()

Appears in:
Roberts, R. A.. Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House, Volume 10: 1600. Unknown: 1904,

1600, September   Hatford  Hertfordshire  Oxford  England 

A woman (Anonymous 256) allegedly claims (the story come to William Drage via a Lawyer who heard this assertion) that regardless of what happened to her in court, she was "sure not to die yet: for all the mischief she had done, was in transforming her self into the shape of a Bumble Boe; and biting the Maids thread often in pieces as she spun," proclaiming a certain immortality and the ability to go on doing maleficium.(18-19)

Appears in:
Drage, William. Daimonomageia a Small Treatise of Sickness and Diseases from Witchcraft. London: 1665, 18-19

1665   Hatford  Hertfordshire  Oxford  England