INTERROGATORIES ministered to Elizabeth Saunders. May 13, 1622

a) INTERROGATORIES to be ministered to Elizabeth Saunders on of the
b) defendants of the Informacion of Sir Thomas Coventrye knight his Majesties Attorney
c) generall

  1. IMPRIMIS did you in or about the moneth of December in the Eighteenth yeare of his Majesties Raigne of England perswade procure
  2. or incyte Katheren Malapas the younger one other of the defendants to counterfeite and feigne herselfe bewitched & possessed with
  3. an evill spirit, and to counterfeite & feigne strange fitts and Traunces, and to practise and use divers strange and unusuall trickes & deceits
  4. in the manner and fashion of her behaviour and gesture. Whath other person or persons beside your self did move or incite her thereunto,
  5. or were privie acquainted or consentinge to the same. And whether did you teach and instruct her the said katheren Malpas ~
  6. afterwarde at severall tymes, and shewe unto her the manner howe to doe and performe the same, or what other person or persons as you
  7. know, or have heard, did instruct her therein, or shew her anie such forms; and did not shee in a verye short tyme become verie
  8. expert and skilfull in the said counterfeited and dissembled fitts and Traunces.
  9. 2: Item did not you report to divers of your friends and acquaintances that the said, Katheren Malpas was stranglie visited,
  10. and did not you or other defendants or some of thm, or some other person or persons and whoe by name devise and
  11. use meanes howe to drawe companie unto the house of the said Thomas Saunders, where the said Katheren Malpas
  12. did then remaine: to see the strange and unusuall fitts and traunces, counterfeited and practized by the said, Katheren Malpas
  13. 3: Item what was the end or intent that moved you, or anie other person aforesaid, to procure the said Katheren Malpas the
  14. younger to counterfeit as aforesaid, or to drawe companie to see her strange Trickes and fitts, was it not conceaved
  15. by you or them that much money would be given unto you, or the said Katheren Malpas, by such persons as should come to see her,
  16. in pittie and comiseration of soe strange a seight. And what some or somes of money were given, and by what persons by name,
  17. and whoe reteaned the same.
  18. 4: Item when was the first time that the said Katheren the younger was in anie of the said feigned fits or traunces, and howe and in what
  19. maner did she behave herselfe, and what gesture did she use therein declare the maner thereof at large
  20. 5: Item whether did the said Katheren Malpas in the day time remaine free from anie fitts, unles it were when companie came to see her, and
  21. whether did she not in the night time take her naturall rest, as before she fell into anie of theis counterfeit fitts.
  22. 6: Item, whether did you, or anie other to your knowledge or thinkeinge, & whoe by name cause the said Katheren Malpas secretlie to take some sustenance
  23. and againe to refuse and cast it upp when anie came to see her, howe longe did she soe at anie time abstayne from meate, and to what end
  24. did you or anie other perswade her soe to doe.
  25. 7: Wethere doe you thinke that the said Katheren Malpas in her fitts did of her selfe and her owne accorde, soe beate the walles of the roome
  26. where she lay, call upon the next neighbour, and crye out Gammer Dawes bring hither a Sallett for Puffen and Elias, or doe you
  27. thinke that she was soe taught by some other, declare the whole trueth herein, and their particuler names that you thinke or conceave soe
  28. taught or instructed her.
  29. 8: Item whether did the said Katheren Malpas of any tyme refuse the helpe of any other, save onelye of Mr. Fawcett, or whether did she ever
  30. use anie speech to this effect, that none should medle withher but God and Mr Fawcett, whether did you or anye other to your knowledge
  31. perswade her soe to say, and to what end did you soe perswade her.
  32. 9: Item did you not knowe that the said Katheren Malpas the younger did but counterfeite and feyne in her accion and performance of the Said Trickes
  33. trances and devises, did you not after your such knowledge thereof, make it soe knowne to Thomas Saunders your husband one other defendant
  34. and tell him shee did but counterfeite, was he not angerie with you when you first told him thereof. And whether was he not afterwarde well
  35. pleased againe with the counterfeitings of the said Katheren Malpas, what moved him soe to be pleased, was it not out of an opinion & hope
  36. you & he had, that it would be benificiall and profitable to you and him. And, whether were you at anie time and when, angerie and rebuked
  37. Elizabeth Malpas the sister of the said, Katheren Malpas for telling the said Katheren Malpas she did but counterfeit, and when and where
  38. did you soe rebuke, or chide the said Katheren Malpas, and what moved you soe to doe.
  39. 10: Item did not you, after such tyme as you did undertsand and knowe that the said Katheren Malpas the younger did counterfeite the said Tricks
  40. and Traunces procure divers preachers and ministers to pray with the Said Katheren Malpas, and did not you alsoe after such understanding
  41. and knowledge as aforesaid, use the advise of phisicions and others, what moved you soe to doe, was it not to deceive the people that
  42. resorted to see her, and to drawe a benifitt to your self, or your husband.
  43. 11: Item what Some or Somes of money did you or the Said Thomas Saunders give to one Francklin, that Thomas Saunders brought
  44. from Ratcliffe to see the Said Katheren Malpas the younger, and to give her physicke, or other manes to cure her, by whose perswation
  45. was the said Francklin used, by you or him at that time, whether when he was sent for, did you knowe or heare of anie other that he
  46. was noe Phisicion, and in former tyme to have beene questioned for a coniurer and whether did you at that time soe thinke of him
  47. and what words did you use to the Said Thomas Saunders when Francklin was gone, did you not say, Gods bread Tom Saunders
  48. whie wouldest thou give this fellon money, being then knowest she counterfeits, or words to that effect.
  49. 12: Item did you or anie other and who by name perswade & direct the Said Katheren Malpas the younger that if any bible, prayer booke, or other
  50. godly or devout booke were offered unto her to reade, she should fling the same away from her, what moved you or such other person soe to perswade &
  51. direct her, as it not that the people which sawe it, might conceive and thinke that shee was possessed with an evill Spirit and that the devill
  52. would not lett her reade, and did not the said Katheren Malpas afterwards in accomplishment of the said direction, when anie such booke
  53. as aforesaid was given her, fling the same away.
  54. 13: Item did not you during the time of the Said Katheren Malpas her counterfeiting & after your said knowledge thereof procure a licence from the Lord
  55. Bushoppe of London that then was, that some preachers or other ministers might pray with the said Katheren Malpas and did not you afterwards
  56. ___________ & deliver the said Licence unto some preachers or ministers & perswade them to come & pray with the Said Katheren Malpas, what preacher or
  57. minister did soe pray with her, when & at what tyme did they soe pray, did any of them use to pray with her when there was companie present
  58. in the Chamber where she did lye, & forbeare to pray with her, when she was alone, what was the cause thereof, & by whose direction was the
  59. same done.
  60. 14: Item was it not reported generalie that the said Katheren Malpas was in a very strange maner bewitched & possessed with an evill spirit, howe
  61. came it to be soe reported & spoken & by whom was it if not by meanes of the deceitful practises aforesaid, & when & at what time was the said
  62. report first soe divulged either by you or by anie others & when did the said Katheren malpas first begin to acte & put in practise her feigned and
  63. counterfeited fitts and traunces aforesaid, was there noe provision made & order taken that divers of his Majesties Subiects cominge to see her in the
  64. said fitts, should not be permitted to have access unto her without givinge money therefore, or promising to give. And did not you or some others often
  65. times sitt at the out door of the house wherein the Said Katheren Malpas soe remayned to keepe people from goinge into the aid house, by whose
  66. advise permicione or consent was the said direction given & order taken, & to what intent & purpose was it if not to drawe money unto your selfe or to
  67. the said Thomas Saunders \___________/ or to you both by that unlawfull devise, & who by name did usuallie soe sit at the door to receave money & make
  68. composicion with the people cominge to see and visit the said Katheren the younger, and what some or somes of mony did you or any other to your knowledge
  69. or as you have crediblie herde so receave, & of what person or persons.
  70. 15: Item did not the said Katheren Malpas during the tyme of the said countergeitinge fitts often tymes by direction of you or some other and of whom, crye out &
  71. exclayme that she was bewitched by goodwife Hedlyn & goodwife White, or by wicked spirits by their or one of their procuremente did she not in the said
  72. counterfited fitts & affirm, that the aid goodwife White & goodwife Hedlyn, did appeare unto her in severall shapes and formes, that is to saye
  73. sometymes in the likenes of doggs, & sometymes in the likeness of catts and other creatures, did she not by your direction & procurement, or by the direction
  74. or procurement of some others, charge & accuse the said goodwife Hedlyn & goodwife White, orone of them to have bewitched her, to what end & purpose
  75. did you & the said other persons & who by name oe perswade the aid Katheren, was it not out of your and their malice, or upon some displeasure conceaved
  76. by you or them against the said goodwife White & goodwife Hedlyn or one of them, & to bring them or one of them thereby into infamie & shame
  77. and into danger of their lives, & to cause them to be reputed and taken for witches, and to be indicted and arraigned for witchcrafte.
  78. 16: Item did not you knowe that Anne Godfrey in or about the same moneth of December in the Eighteenth year of his Majestie’s said Raigne was ____________
  79. then lately beene visited with sicknes had not you, about that time some conference or speech with the Said Anne Godfrey concerning the nature & maner
  80. of her desease and sicknes, what speeches or wordes did you there upon speake or use to the Said Anne Godfrey, did you not perswade & labour to make
  81. the said Anne Godfrey thinke and beleave, that her said Sicknes did come by the witchcrafte of the said goodwife Hedlyn, what reason did you
  82. then alledge to make the Said Anne Godfrey soe to beleeve or thinke: did not you thereupon bring the Said Anne Godfrey, unto the Said Katheren
  83. Malpas, being then in one ofher said counterfeite fitts and Traunces, & affirme unto the Said Anne Godfrey that the said Katheren Malpas was
  84. bewitched by the said goodwife Hedlyn, did not you alsoe thereupon incyte the said Anne Godfrey to keepe her bedd & feyne herselfe to be sicke, & to
  85. practise & exercise the same trickes & devises as the said Katheren Malpas, what moved you soe to doe & perswade the said Anne Godfrey
  86. was it not to give the greater suspicion to the world that the Said Godwife Hedlyn was a witch, and there by to bring the said goodwife
  87. Hedlyn into the greater perill and danger of her life.
  88. 17: Item did not you advise the said Anne Godfrey to counterfeite the squeakeing voice which the said Katheren Malpas did use, at such time when she said
  89. the spirit did squeake within her, & did not you tell the said Anne Godfrey, that the Said Katheren Malpas did soe squeake by reason that the spirit did
  90. drawe her breath backe through her throate, into her brest, & soe made the noyse, or  what other words or speeches to that effect and purpose did you or
  91. anie others then use or utter to the Said Anne Godfrey, did not the Said Anne Godfrey upon perswacion aforesaid use & put in practise the said tricks
  92. and traunces or some of them, & counterfeite the doing thereof in such maner as the Said Katheren Malpas did, and which of the Said Trickes and
  93. devises in particuler did the Said Anne Godfrey monst comonly use or put in practise.
  94. 18: Item did not you afterwards understand that there was some suspicion conceaved that the Said Katheren Malpas did but counterfeite
  95. and that she was to be examined concerning the same; what and what tyme did you heare the same, did not you and others your confederats
  96. thereupon give secret admonicion and charge to the said Katheren Malpas that she should in noe wise disclose or reveale the counterfeited
  97. plotts and practises aforesaid for that if shee did disclose the same, you were utterlie undone &, discredited, when was the said admonicion
  98. and warninge soe given her, & by whom, and what other speeches did you or any others to your knowledge, or as you have crediblie heard
  99. use utter or speake unto the said Katheren Malpas on or before her goinge to Theobalde to be examined beforehis maiestie
  100. 19: Item what wordes did the said Thomas Saunders speake or utter unto you that night before you went to Theobalds, did he
  101. not will you to stand in denyall of the truth or of that you had formerlie confessed, and not to suffer your selfe to be outfaced by the
  102. said Katheren Malpas, did he not alsoe say unto you, that if you did confesse and charge your selfe that you would bring both
  103. your selfe and him into danger, and that goodwife Hedlyn whom he and you had formerly accused to have bewitched the said
  104. Katheren Malpas, would have a good accion against him for the same. And what other wordes or speeches intendinge to this purpose
  105. or to the like effect id the said Thomas Saunders use and speake either to your selfe or to any others, att Stepney as you
  106. knowe, or have crediblie heard.
  107. Thomas Coventrye.

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