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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 21A cat that Mary Smith allegedly uses to bewitch Cicely Balye. It is believed that Smith placed the cat (Anonymous 21) upon Balye, causing her to become sick, languished, and exceedingly lean, ailments that continued for over a year.And the next night being Sunday immediatly following, a Cat came vnto her, sate vpon her breast, with which she was grieuously tormented, and so oppressed, that she could not without great difficulty draw her breath, and at the same instant did perfectly see the said Mary in the chamber where she lay, who (as she conceiued) set that Cat vpon her, and immediatl after fell sicke, languished, and grew exceeding leane; and so continued for the space of halfe a yeare together, during the whole continuance in her maisters seruice; vntill departing from him, she dwelt with one Mistres Garoway, and then began to bee amended in her health, and recouer of her former pining sicknesse: for this Witch had said, that so long as she dwelt neere her, she should not be well, but grow from euill to worse.

Appears in:
Roberts, Alexander. A Treatise of Witchcraft. London: 1616, 56