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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 126One of two familiars that appear in the form of a dog, and is allegedly kept by Mother Lakeland. Lakeland sends one of her dog familiars to torment and kill Mr. Lawrence and his child. Upon Lakeland's death, when she was executed by burning, something in the form of a dog grew upon the leg of Mr. Beale, after which it could not be used.Then he furnished her with three Imps, two little Dogs and a Mole (as she confessed) which she imployed in her services: Her husband she bewitched (as she confessed) whereby he lay in great misery for a time, and at last dyed. Then she sent one of her Dogs to one Mr. Lawrence in Ipswich, to torment him and take away his life: she sent one of them also to his Child, to torment it, and take away the life of it, which was done upon them both: and all this (as she confessed) was, because he asked her for 12. S. that she owed him, and for no other cause. [...] But since her death there is one thing that is very remarkable, and to be taken notice of: That upon the very day that she was burned, a bunch of flesh, something after the form of a Dog, that grew upon the thigh of the said Mr. Beale, ever since the time that she first sent her Imp to him, being very hard, but could never be made to break by all the means that could be used; brake of it self, without any means using:

Appears in:
Lakeland, Mother. The Laws Against Witches and Conjuration. London: 1645, 7-8