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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 177A spirit that is allegedly given to Alice Newman by Ursley Kempe. Newman keeps Anonymous 177 in an earthen pot, "which she carried away with her vnder her aperne," and also sends it to plague John Johnson and his wife (Mrs. Johnson) to death. The enformation of Thomas Rabbet, of the age of viii. yeres or there abouts, base sonne to the said Vrsley Kempe alias Grey, taken before me Brian Darcey esquire, one of her Maiesties Iustices, the xxv. day of February, against his said mother. THe saide Thomas Rabbbet saith, that his said mother Ursley kempe alias Grey hath foure seuerall spirites, the one called Tyffin, the other Tttey, the third Pigine, & the fourth Iacke & being asked of what colours they were, saith, that Tyttey is like a little grey Cat, Tyffin is like a white lambe, Pygine is blacklike a Toad, and Iacke is black like a Cat. And hee saith, hee hath seen his mother at times to giue the~ beere to drinke, and of a white Lofe or Cake to eate, and saith that in the night time the said spiries will come to his mother, and sucke blood of her vpon her armes and other places of her body. This Examinat being asked, whether hee had seene Newmans wife to come vnto his mo|ther, saith, that one morning he being in ye cham|ber with his mother, his Godmother Newman came vnto her, and saith, that then hee heard her and his mother to chide, and to fall out: But saith before they parted they were friends: and that then his mother deliuered an earthen pot vnto her, in the which he thinketh her spi|rites were, the which she carried away with her vnder her aperne. And this examinat saith, that within a fewe daies after the said Newmans wife came vnto his mother, and yt he heard her to tel his mother that she had sent a spirit to plague Iohnson to ye death, and an other to plague his wife.

Appears in:
W., W. . A True and Just Record, of the Information, Examination and Confession of all the Witches, taken at S. Osyth in the county of Essex. London: 1582, 10-11