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Assertions for a specific being.

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Anonymous 176 (plural)A group of imps that are allegedly kept by Joan Peachey. According to testimony given by Ales Hunt, Peachey threatened and demanded obedience from the imps, and that Peachey was also skilled and cunning in witchery. The enformation of Ales Hunt, taken before mee Brian Darcey Esquire, the xxiiii. day of February, against Ioan Pechey widdow. THis examinat Ales Hunt saith, that shee dwelleth in ye next house vnto ye saide Ioan Pechey, & yt she the said Ioan two or three daies before Christmas last, went to ye house of Iohn|son ye Collector appointed for ye poore, whereas she ye said Ioan receiued beefe & bread, the which this Examinat saith, shee hearde to bee of the gift of ye said Bria~ Darcey). And this examinat saith that ye said Ioan going homewardes, mur|mured & found great fault at Iohnson, saying, he might haue giuen that to a gyrle or another, and not to her, saying, the bread was to hard ba|ked for her, and that shee then seemed to bee in a great anger therewithall. This examinat saith, shee was at that present in the house of the wydow Hunt, and that there was but a wall be|tweene them, The saide Ioan comming to her house did vnlocke her dore, the which this exa|minat did see her doe: And after shee was en|tred into her house, this examinat saith, she hard the said Ioan to say, yea are you so sawsie? are yee so bolde? you were not best to bee so bolde with mee: For if you will not bee ruled, you shall haue Symonds sause, yea saide the saide Ioan, I perceiue if I doe giue you an inch, you you will take an ell: and saith she is assured that there was no christian creature with her at that time, but that she vsed those speeches vnto her Imps. And this examinat saith, that she hath heard her mother say, that she the said Ioan was skil|full and cunning in witcherie, and could do as much as the said mother Barnes, this exami|nats mother, or any other in this towne of S. Osees. And further saith, she hath hard her mo|ther to say, yt the said Ioan did know what was saide or done in any mans house in this towne.

Appears in:
W., W. . A True and Just Record, of the Information, Examination and Confession of all the Witches, taken at S. Osyth in the county of Essex. London: 1582, 11-12