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Assertions for a specific being.

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EverardThe disembodied spirit of a man named Everard, who is described as a "Reputed Conjurer" that allegedly appears to Dr. John Pordage in August of 1649 at his home in Bradfield in the county of Berkshire. "Everard is the first of three apparitions which appear to Pordage: the second is a giant and the third is a dragon. The apparition of Everard is seen to be wearing his normal "Apparel, Band, Cuffs, Hat, &c." When Pordage pulled back the curtains, this being "seemed to walk once through the Chamber very easily, and so Disappeared" Doctor John Pordage Rector of Bradfield in the County of Berks, being the Eighteenth of September 1654, Charged with certain Articles then and afterward exhibited to the Commissioners for ejecting of Scandalous Ministers; amongst other things, for entertaining at his House one Everard a reputed Conjurer; and that he had frequent and familiar Converse with Angels; and concerning the Vision of a Dragon, and Apparitions of Spirits, &c. As to the Entertainment of Everard, he answered and confessed, that about four Years before, he was received into his House for about three Weeks and no longer, but not as a Conjurer, but as a workman at Harvest; and that he never heard the least intimation that he was ever suspected to be a Conjurer, till after his Departure, but afterward was strongly enclined to believe that he was: And concerning the Vision of a Dragon, and Apparition of Spirits, I will not confess, saith he, any Apparition in particular, till they be proved, lest I should seem to accuse my self, they being brought in as a Crime against me, and as Instruments to Condemn me: Yet, in general I acknowledge, that some four Years since, there were many strange and wonderful Apparitions in my House: But, what can these in Justice amount to, tho attested by Oath, and confessed particularly by my self, when brought before those who profess themselves Christians, and are acquainted with the History of the Holy Scriptures? *** I confess, That in August 1649. there appeared in my Bedchamber about the middle of the Night, a Spirit in the shape of Everard, with his wearing Apparel, Band, Cuffs, Hat, &c. Who after the sudden drawing of the Bed-Curtain, seemed to walk once through the Chamber very easily, and so Disappeared. That very Night there was another Appearance of one in the form of a Gyant, with a great Sword in his Hand without a Scabbard, which he seemed to flourish against me, having the figurative similitude of a green Tree lying by him. After this had continued for the space of half an Hour, it Vanished; and there succeeded a third Appearance, which was very Terrible, being in the shape of a great Dragon, which seemed to take up most part of a large Room, appearing with great Teeth and open Jaws, whence he often ejected Fire against me, which came with such a Magical Influence, that it almost struck the Breath out of my Body, making me fall to the Ground.

Appears in:
Hale, Matthew. A Collection of Modern Relations of Matter of Fact Concerning Witches & Witchcraft. London: 1693, 11