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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Captain BrownAn apparition who appears in the form of Captain Brown before two gentlewomen, after he is murdered by his servant. Captain Brown had recently been given some money and his servant, being a greedy individual, "knokt him off his Horse, cut his Skull, cut off his Head, and put it into a Sack," after which the body was buried in a hole in the ground. Although the servant denied the murder, he was arrested on suspicion and "sent to Shrewsbury Prison." When Captain Brown appeared to the two gentlewomen, he smiled at them with "Countenance, and then walked to the Window, and opened the Casement." Captain Brown the unhappy Subject of this Narrative, was an honest, generous, and worthy Gentleman of Shropshire, near Shrewsbury, had an House in Soho-Square, London, he was extreamly well beloved of the Gentlemen of the Countrey: His Lady and R[...]lict is a very vertuous Person, of an Honourable Family, being sister to the present Lord C---The Captain had one of his Tenants to wait upon him, when he went Abroad; while in the Countrey, a Fellow, whom he put much Confidence, and who was indebted to him 50 l. for Rent, for which he only took his Bond, saying often in the hearing of many, that he would never touch him for it, till he saw him able. In the Christmas Week last past, this Fellow understanding, that the Captain, his Master, was to receive fourscore Pounds at a place about Ten Miles from home, communicated the same to seven Countrey Labouring-fellow of the Neighbourhood, all as wicked as himself; These idle Persons consult and confederate together to Way lay the Captain, at a place agreed on in the Road, as he is as to pass Home, resolving there to Rob him of his Money and Life at the same time but it so happen'd, that the Captain returning late in the Evening, and calling at a Friends House, He by their Perswasions, lest his Money there for fear of a casual Robbery, not apprehending in the least, at the same time, the Treachery of the Servant that accompanied him. Now at the place these bloud [...] fell on the Captain, (the Servant joyning with them) knokt him off his Horse, cut his Skull, cut off his Head, and put it into a Sack they had provided; after which they carryed him to a Hop Ground just by, where digging a Hole, they threw him in, Cloaths and all, and covered him with Earth having first [...]ifled him of his Watch, Rings, &c. though they [...] of the 8 [...] their Booty, went every Man to his own Home. The next day the Captains Tenant-Servant went to the Captains House impudently, like Solomon's. Whore Wiping his Mouth, and saying he had done no ill. But the Captains Lady seeing of him, asked him for his Master, who replyed, he thought he was come Home the other Night: However great search having been made after the Captain, and he not returning, the Servant was Apprehended, and sent to Shrewsbury Prison, on suspition of his Murther Soon after the Murther, the Spirit, or Apparition, in the plain Dress, Form and Shape of the Captain, appeared to two Gentlewomen of the Captain's Acquaintance, as they lay in Bed; he drew the Curtains, and looked on them with a smiling Countenance, and then walked to the Window, and opened the Casement

Appears in:
Anonymous. An Account of a Most Horrid and Barbarous Murder and Robbery Committed on the Body of Captain Brown. Edinburgh: 1694, 1-2