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Assertions for a specific being.

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TomA familiar or devil, known to be from Edmonton in the County of Middlesex, now part of the London Borough of Enfield, which is said to have first appeared to Elizabeth Sawyer eight years before when she was cursing, swearing and blaspheming. He would visit her three times a week, reporting what mischiefs he had done on her behalf, including causing damage to animals and killing two infants. He demanded her soul and her body for his services, and would suck blood from a teat "a little aboue [her] fundiment, and that place chosen by himselfe." He would suck for a quarter of an hour at a time, which caused her no pain. Sawyer refers to this being alternately as the Devil and as Tom; he allegedly comes to her in the form of a dog, sometimes white, sometimes black, and liked her to stroke his back. He would be white, which was also the smaller shape, when she way praying. Tom did not like to hear her praying to Jesus, and taught her another prayer in Latin, "Santibicetur nomen tuum" to pray to him instead. Sawyer claimed that Tom did not visit her in prison. Question. BY what meanes came you to haue acquaintance with the Diuell, and when was the first time that you saw him, and how did you know that it was the Diuell? Answere. The first time that the Diuell came vnto me was, when I was cursing, swearing and blaspheming; he then rushed in vpon me, and neuer before that time did I see him, or he me: and when he, namely the Diuel, came to me, the first words that hee spake vnto me were these: Oh! haue I now found you cursing, swearing, and blaspheming? now you are mine. A wonderfull warning to many whose tongues are too frequent in these abhominable sinnes; I pray God, that this her terrible example may deter them, to leaue and distaste them, to put their tongues to a more holy language, then the accursed language of hell. The tongue of man is the glory of man, and it was ordained to glorifie God: but worse then brute beasts they are, who haue a tongue, as well as men, that therewith they at once both blesse and curse. Question. What sayd you to the Diuell, when hee came vnto you and spake vnto you, were you not afraide of him? if you did feare him, what sayd the Diuell then vnto you? Answere. I was in a very greate feare, when I saw the Diuell, but hee did bid me not to feare him at all, for hee would do me no hurt at all, but would do for mee whatsoeuer I should require of him; and as he promised vnto me, he alwayes did such mischiefes as I did bid him to do, both on the bodies of Christians and beastes: if I did bid him vexe them to death, as oftentimes I did so bid him, it was then presently by him so done. Question. Whether would the Diuell bring vnto you word or no, what he had done for you, at your command; and if he did bring you word, how long would it bee, before he would come vnto you againe, to tell you? Answere. He would alwayes bring vnto me word what he had done for me, within the space of a weeke, he neuer failed me at that time; and would likewise do it to Creatures and beasts two manner of wayes, which was by scratching or pinching of them. Question. Of what Christians and Beastes, and how many were the number that you were the cause of their death, and what moued you to prosecute them to the death? Answere. I haue bene by the helpe of the Diuell, the meanes of many Christians and beasts death; the cause that moued mee to do it, was malice and enuy, for if any-body had angred me in any manner, I would be so reuenged of them, and of their cattell. And do now further confesse, that I was the cause of those two nurse-childrens death, for the which I was now indited and acquited, by the Iury. Question. Whether did you procure the death of Agnes Ratcliefe, for which you were found guilty by the Iury? Answere. No, I did not by my meanes procure against her the least hurt. Question. How long is it since the Diuell and you had acquaintance together, & how oftentimes in the weeke would hee come and see you, and you company with him? Answere. It is eight yeares since our first acquaintance; and three times in the weeke, the Diuell would come and see mee, after such his acquaintance gotten of me; he would come sometimes in the morning, and sometimes in the euening. Question. In what shape would the Diuell come vnto you? Answere. Alwayes in the shape of a dogge and of two collars, sometimes of blacke and sometimes of white. Question. What talke had the Diuel and you together, when that he appeared to you, and what did he aske of you, and what did you desire of him? Answer. He asked of me, when hee came vnto me, how I did, and what he should doe for mee, and demanded of mee my soule and body; threatning then to teare me in peeces, if that I did not grant vnto him my soule and my body which he asked of me. Question. What did you after such the Diuells asking of you, to haue your Soule and Body, and after this his threatning of you, did you for feare grant vnto the Diuell his desire? Answer. Yes, I granted for feare vnto the Diuell his request of my Soule and body; and to seale this my promise made vnto him, I then gaue him leaue to sucke of my bloud, the which hee asked of me. Question. In what place of your body did the Diuell sucke of your bloud, and whether did hee himselfe chuse the place, or did you your selfe appoint him the place? tell the truth, I charge you, as your will answere vnto the Almighty God, and tell the reason if that you can, why he would sucke your bloud. Answer. The place where the Diuell suckt my bloud was a little aboue my fundiment, and that place chosen by himselfe; and in that place by continuall drawing, there is a thing in the forme of a Teate, at which the diuell would sucke mee. And I asked the Diuell why hee would sucke my bloud, and hee sayd it was to nourish him. Question. Whether did you pull vp your coates or no when the Diuell came to sucke you? Answer. No I did not, but the Diuell would put his head vnder my coates, and I did willingly suffer him to doe what hee would. Question. How long would the time bee, that the Diuill would continue sucking of you, and whether did you endure any paine, the time that hee was sucking of you? Answer. He would be suckinge of me the continuance of a quarter of an howre, and when hee suckt mee, I then felt no paine at all. Question. What was the meaning that the Diuell when hee came vnto you, would sometimes speake, and sometimes barke. Answer. It is thus; when the Diuell spake to me, then hee was ready to doe for me, what I would bid him to doe: and when he came barking to mee he then had done the mischiefe that I did bid him to doe for me. Quest. By what name did you call the Diuell, and what promises did he make to you? Answ. I did call the Diuell by the name of Tom, and he promised to doe for me whatsoeuer I should require of him.

Appears in:
Goodcole, Henry. The Wonderful Discovery of Elizabeth Sawyer a Witch Late of Edmonton. London: 1621, C2-C4