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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
PartnerThe Devil appears in the form of two birds, one named Little Devil and the other Partner, which Old Alice allegedly has owned for over twenty years and which she keeps in two bottles, hidden under the all at the back of her home in Westwell and buried in the ground in Kensington. Partner is used to torment Mildred Norrington, causing "delaies, [such] as roring, crieng, striving, and gnashing of teeth; and otherwhile with mowing, and other terrible countenances, and was so strong in the maid, that foure men could scarse hold hir downe." Partner had attacked Norrington eight times over the course of a year, striking, in the garden, in the hall, in her bed, the field, in the court, in the water, (where he "cast hir into the moat"), and again in her bed. He also attacked her in the vicarage and in the loft at Westwell. Partner is also used to kill Edward Anger, Richard Anger, and Wolton's wife. Norrington later retracted her possession.He said, Old Alice, old Alice: Which old Alice? said we: Old Alice, said he: Where dwelleth she? said we: In Westwel-street, said he: We said, How long hast thou been with her? These twenty years, said he. We asked him where she did keep him? In two bottels, said he: Where be they? said we: In the backside of her house, said he: In what place? said we: Under the wall, said he: Where is the other? In Kenington: In what place? said we: In the ground, said he. Then we asked him, What she did give him: He said, Her will, her will: What did she bid thee do? said we: He said, Kill her maid: Wherefore did she bid thee kill her? said we: Because she did not love her, said he: We said, How long is it ago, since she sent thee to her? More than a year, said he: Where was that? said we: At her Masters, said he: Which Masters? said we: At her Master Brainfords at Kinington, said he: How oft wert thou there? said we: Many times, said he: Where first? said we? In the garden, said he: Where the second time? In the hall: Where the third time? In her bed: Where the fourth time? In the field: Where the fifth time? In the Court: Where the sixth time? In the water, where I cast her into the mote: Where the seventh time? In her bed. We asked him again, Where else? He said, in Westwell: Where there? said we: In the Vicarige, said he: Where there? In the loft: How camest thou to her? said we: In the likeness of two birds, said he: Who sent thee to that place? said we: Old Alice,

Appears in:
Scot, Reginald. Scot's Discovery of Witchcraft Proving the Common Opinions of Witches Contracting with Devils, Spirits, or Familiars. London: 1651, 72