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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 149A spirit or familiar known to appears in the form of a white mouse, which allegedly came to inhabit Gamaliel Greete due to his habit of swearing. According to Joan Willimott, if Greete "did looke vpon any thing with an intent to hurt, it should be hurt" while the mouse was inside him. Willimott claimed to know this from her familiar, Pretty. The Examination of Ioane Willimot of Goadby in the County of Leicester Widdow, taken the 17. of March, 1618 by Sir Henry Hastings Knight, and Samuel Fleming Doctor of Diuinitie, two of his Maiesties Iustices of the Peace of the said County of Leicester. [...] She saith further, that Gamaliel Greete of Waltham in the said County Shepheard, had a Spirit like a white Mouse put into him in his swearing; and that if hee did looke vpon any thing with an intent to hurt, it should be hurt, and that hee had a marke on his left arme, which was cut away; and that her own spirit did tell her all this before it went from her.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Wonderful Discovery of the Witchcrafts of Margaret and Phillip Flower. London: 1619, E4v-F