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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 203One of two spirits allegedly kept by Johane Harrison. Johane stated that she had two spirits attending "on her, one for men, another for cattell." These spirits are used to aid Johane in her witchcraft, in addition to the instrumental magic she performs with a needle and parchment. This I.H. being vpon her examination, and finding such apparant witnes induct against her of her seuerall fellonies & murthers, neglected not to confesse her vtmost secret therin, that she had power (by the helpe of that parchment, man & womans bones, and man and womans haire) to inflict (by the helpe of her spirits, which she reported to haue 2 attending on her, one for men, another for cattell) in any ioynt, synnow, or place of the body, by only but pricking the point of a nedle in that place of the parchme~t, where in his or her body she would haue them tortured, which torture of hers once begun in them, their paine should continue so restlesse, that a present death had bin more happier, than so lingring a calamity; and those whome she intended to kill had the same in effect.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Most Cruel and Bloody Murder Committed by an Inkeepers wife, called Annis Dell, and her Son George Dell. London: 1606, 19