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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 24Imps or devils that appears in various forms, including a toad, a frog and a mouse. It is believed to torment the demoniac, Jane Stretton, who suffers from violent fits. The witnessing of such imps is believed to be proof of the involvement of witchcraft "and such Diabolical means," with her fits, which last some nine months, although the visitation of imps and devils never ceases for Jane Stretton. These imps may have been sent by Anonymous 322, the wife of a cunning man who was insulted by Jane Stretton's father.It now being apparent that her distemper proceeded from the malice of the Devils Instruments, on whose body God had permitted them to exercise their envy, her tongue lolling out of her mouth in so sad and lamentable a manner as struck an astonishment in all the beholders; and to convince them that it was done by Witchcraft and such Diabolical means, they could see the Devil or his Imps, or what it was we cannot determine, but sometimes it was in the shape of a Toad, at other times it resembled a Frog, and at other times again in the form of a Mouse, for as the Devil can transform himself into an Angel of light, to deceive people, so he can turn himself into any beastly shape to torment them.

Appears in:
Y., M.. The Hartford-shire Wonder. London: 1669, 8