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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 25An apparition in the form of a human wearing a dark habit that appears to Anne Arthur as she is out walking one night. Arthur believes the apparition might be male, but after "observing his countenance to be stern and dreadful," she begins to suspect that it is the Devil. Arthur grows fearful of Anonymous 25, as it continues to follow her while she walks. After following her for a while, the apparition offers Arthur a bag of silver for her poverty. It then offers her a bag of gold after her initial refusal. [...]a Human Shape, in a dark Habit approached her which she saith she supposed at first to be a Man, but narrowly and with a fuller aspect by Moon-light, observing his countenance to be stern and dreadful, she began to be in much Fear and Consternation, as doubting it was the common Enemy of Mankind; who in that solitude, was roving about, &c. Whereupon she would have gone back, when immediatly so fierce a Wind did rise, that it in a manner constrained her to proceed on her way, or as she further saith, she had no Power to do otherways, being still followed by the Gloomy Apparition, she passed on till coming out of the Fields she came into the Lane or division of Grounds, that leads to Deptford, tho' in an extreme sweat occasioned by the Fear and Amazement conceived, when being there the Form or Spectrum, as she supposed it to be[.]

Appears in:
Anonymous. Strange and Dreadful News from the Town of Deptford, in the County of Kent. London: 1685, 2