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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Pretty (2)A familiar from the County of Huntingdon, known to take the shape of a little black puppy, whom Margaret Simon allegedly gave to Francis Moore for the purpose of killing any animal Moore chose to curse. Simon told Moore "that she must keep that dog all her lifetime." Pretty was used to kill two cows, the first belonging to Edward Hull and the second belonging to Peter Browne, after the cows got into her field and ate her grain and corn respectively. Pretty caused Hull's cow to swell before dying. Moore claimed that she had killed Pretty the year before her examination, but that the dog had been haunting her, and crept under her clothes after Moore was apprehended to torture her so she couldn't speak to confess freely.This Examinate saith, that about eight yeares since she received a little black puppy from Margaret Simson of great Catworth, which dog the said Margaret had in her bed with her, & took in thence when she gave it to the Examinate: The Examinate further saith, that the said Margaret told her, that she must keep that dogg all her life time; and if she cursed any Cattell, & set the same dog upon them, they should presently dye, and the said Margaret told her that she has named it already, his name was Pretty.

Appears in:
Davenport, John. The Witches of Huntingdon. London: 1646, 5