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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
TibA familiar from Bythorn in the County of Huntingdon, known to appear in the form of a brown mouse, which allegedly appeared to Anne Desborough one day while she was sleeping, nipped her, then demanded her soul. It disappeared when she began to pray, only to return five or six days later with another mouse-spirit, slightly smaller than the first and with a white belly, this time demanding to suck her blood. Desborough agreed to this, in addition to denying God and promising them her soul on her death. She later named this first mouse-spirit Tib; it promised to hurt men at her bidding, but was never asked to. Tib appeared to her daily to suck her blood.This Informant saith, that Anne Desborough Widow of Bythorn aforesaid, being apprehended upon suspition of being a witch on the 8th day of this present April, he in the presence of Master Coysb and others, heard the said Anne Desborough (in answer to questions asked her) freely confesse, that about 30 yeares since, there appeared unto her a thing somewhat bigger then a mouse, of a browne colour, when she lived at Titsmarth in the County of Northhampton, she being in bed and asleep, which nipped her on the breast and awakened her, then it told her that is must have part of her soule: she prayed then to God, and it left her at that time, and the said Informant heard the said Anne further say, that about five or sixe dayes after, the same mouse appeared againe to her with another much like the former, it being a little lesse then the former, and had a white bellie: then the mouse that came first said, we must abide with you, and sucke your bloud, she said that they should. About three dayes after both the mice came to her againe, and told her that she must forsake God and Christ: and when she dyed, they must have her soule, to all which she yielded: this Informant saith further, that he heard the said Anne confessed that she named one of the mice Tib, which promised her to hurt men, and she named the other Jone, which promised her to hurt Cattell when she wished it: and after the third time they kept not away from her above 24 houres together, but did frequent her, and familiarly suck on her bodie, until she was apprehended.

Appears in:
Davenport, John. The Witches of Huntingdon. London: 1646, 10-11