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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
FillieA familiar spirit in the form of a white cat which allegedly belonged to 'the strange woman' (Anonymous 116) for twenty years. There is a seventh which much afflicteth the children very frequently in apparitions and talking unto them but they know her not and therefore call her the strange woman. This individum hath a spirit in the likeness of a white cat which she calleth Follie she hath kept it twenty years. [...] She also saw the woman whom they usually call the strange woman, who now did first appear unto them; but they could never remember her countenance, neither can they (if they should see her person) challenge her as they think. Therefore I was not forward to seek out the woman above named, yet I learn that Umpleby's wife, whose daughter she said she was, is a widow, dwelling some few miles distant from my house, and reputed a witch: but of her daughters I know nothing, and therefore I spare to question them, except I could find some confidence in my daughters that they could challenge her upon sight, as they did Jennit Dibb and Thorp's wife. I therefore must leave this person, that maketh up the number of seven, to be still called the strange woman; yet her spirit is well known, and is in the shape of a white cat, she calleth Fillie, and hath had it twenty years.

Appears in:
Fairfax, Edward . Daemonologia: a Discourse on Witchcraft as it was Acted in the Family of Mr. Edward Fairfax. Unknown: 1621, 34, 85