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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
PyewacketA familiar allegedly kept by Jane Wallis, Anne West, or Elizabeth Clarke, witches living in Manningtree, Essex. Pyewacket was "found" under the auspice of Matthew Hopkins and John Sterne's witch hunts. All these vanished away in a little time. Immediately after this Witch confessed severall other Witches, from whom she had her Imps, and named to divers women where their marks were, the number of their Marks, and Imps, and Imps names, as Elemauzer, Pyewacket, Peckin the Crown, Grizzel Greedigut, &c. which no mortall could invent; and upon their searches the same Markes were found, the same number, and in the same place, and the like confessions from them of the same Imps, (though they knew not that we were told before) and so peached one another thereabouts that joyned together in the like damnable practise, that in our Hundred in Essex, 29. were condemned at once, 4. brought 25. Miles to be hanged[.]

Appears in:
Hopkins, Matthew. The Discovery of Witches. London: 1647, 2-3