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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 241A familiar in the shape of a cat, that serves Elizabeth Knott by appearing before her at twelve at night, and promising her "anything she would desire, except money." Elizabeth Knott wishes to have John Laman's cow bewitched, as his wife denied her money which was due to her. Three weeks later, a familiar in the shape of a cat bewitches John Lamans' cow. This familiar sucked upon the breast of Elizabeth Knott "when she was cast upon the water." However, "after she came out of the water, she never saw it any more."and this Elizabeth Knott bewitcht a Cow of John Lamans by sending an evil spirit unto her, which was in the likenesse of a Catt, but had no hand in the death of any thing, save the death of Goodwife Pearls. The familiar which she entertained came to her about three weeks before the said Cow was bewitched at twelve of the Clock in the night, and the familiar promised her, that she should have her desire in any thing she would desire, except money: and the rea|son why she bewitched the Cow of William Laman was, because she demanded money which was due to her, from the said Lamans wife, and it was denied her. We understand also from this Elizabeth Knott that when she was cast upon the water her familiar sucked upon her breast, but after she came out of the water she never saw it any more.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Devils Delusions or A Faithfull Relation of John Palmer and Elizabeth Knott. London: 1649, 4 - 5