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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 93A grey cat Temperance Lloyd and Grace Thomas claim to have seen going into Thomas Eastchurch's shop. Lloyd also met with the cat the following day, after which the cat retired and went back to Thomas Eastchurch's house.And the said Examinant doth further confess, that she did then and there pinch with the Nails of her Fingers the said Grace Thomas in her Shoulders, Arms, Thighs and Legs; and that afterwards they came down from the said Grace Thomas her Chamber into the Street together; and that there this Examinant did see something in the form or shape of a Grey or Braget Cat; and saith that the said Cat went into the said Thomas Eastchurch's Shop. The said Examinant, being further demanded whether she went any more unto the said Thomas Eastchurch's house, saith and confesseth, that the day following she came again to the said Thomas Eastchurch's house invisible, and was not seen by any person; but there this Examinant did meet with the Braget Cat as aforesaid; and the said Cat did retire and leap back into the said Thomas Eastchurch's Shop.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A True and Impartial Relation of the Informations Against Three Witches. London: 1682, 14