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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 192A green cat that appears to Thomas Darling, along with green angels in the window, while he is having a violent fit. Darling claims the green cat troubled him, a statement that lead his friends to believe a "lightnes in his head" was causing him to say such things.In the time of this extremitie in these hys fits, he would manie times poynt with his hand, saying; Looke where greene Angels stand in the window, and not long after would often complaine, that a green Cat troubled him: which thing was iudged by his friends to proceede of lightnes in his head; manie other things fell out also in these times worthie the noting, whereof (in respect of the vnexpected euent) there was no note kept.

Appears in:
D., I.. The Most Wonderfull and True Story, of a Certain Witch named Alice Gooderige of Stapen hill. London: 1597, 1