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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
MinnyA devil that appears to Alice Gooderidge, the Witch of Stapen Hill, in the form of "a little partie-colored dog red and white" that she calls Minny. Gooderidge confesses to using Minny for revenge purposes, specifically to torment Thomas Darling "in euerie part of his bodie" after he called Gooderidge a witch. Gooderidge also confesses that Minny "followed the boy [Thomas Darling] to Burton" and told Gooderidge that he had fulfilled her request for revenge. Minny also allegedly stayed with Gooderidge "two nights at Burton Hall," where he continually scratched her head and "scrapeth in the straw." John Darrell, who allegedly dispossessed Darling, also claims that Gooderidge sent Minny to torment the boy.I stouped to the ground, and the Diuell appeared to me in likenesse of a little partie-colored dog red and white, and I called him Minny

Appears in:
D., I.. The Most Wonderfull and True Story, of a Certain Witch named Alice Gooderige of Stapen hill. London: 1597, 26