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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 191A familiar that appears in the form of a dog, and is allegedly kept by Alice Gooderidge. Gooderidge claims that she received her familiar from her mother, Elizabeth Wright, and that her famliar resembles William Gregories' dog. This statement leads others to believe that William Gregories' dog is actually Gooderidge's famliar. Whereas Alice Gooderige said her familiar was like one William Gregories dog of Stapenhill, there arose a rumor, his dog was her familiar: wherefore hee with his neighbour maister Coxe went the next day to examin her concerning this report; and she saide, my diuel (I say) was like your dog. Now out vpon thee (saide Gregorie) and departed: she being further examined, saide she had her familiar of her mother.

Appears in:
D., I.. The Most Wonderfull and True Story, of a Certain Witch named Alice Gooderige of Stapen hill. London: 1597, 27