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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 207 (plural)A group of rats that appear to James Barrow during his fits and tempt him with food and wine. When Barrow will not eat or drink the temptations the rats demand his soul.Suddenly after this there appeared Rats to him, and Cats with Rats in their clawes, dancing them sometimes coming (as he said) with glasses of Sack in their clawes, and Pasties, offering them to the Child, but he refused to receive them, and threw things at them; then they would demand his Soul, bidding him give it to the Devil, but he refused to condescend to them. They told him when his Father and Mother was gone forth, they would come and dine with him at the long Table; after which time he could neither eat nor drink, except he did first go behind the door and sing, with his hat off; otherwise what he eat or drank would not go down, but endanger the choaking of him.

Appears in:
Barrow, John. The Lord's Arm Stretched Out in an Answer of Prayer, or, A true Relation of the Wonderful Deliverance of James Barrow. London: 1664, 5