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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 124A familiar in the shape of a toad belonging to Anonymous 154 that drinks the milk that is left out for it in a flat dish. This toad likely functions as any other familiar, to perform a variety of services for the witch it belongs to. In this case, however, the familiar functions to debunk witch beliefs. it is dissected and proves to be a 'normal' toad. Dr. Harvey asked where her familiar was, and desired to see him. Shee immediately fetched a little milk, and put it in a flat dish, and went to a chest and chucked with her mouth, as toades doe when they call one another; and immediately a toad came from under the chest, and drunk some of the milke.

Appears in:
Bickley et al., A.C.. The Gentleman's Magazine Library. London: 1884, 283