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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 208An apparition alleged to have appeared in Richard Galis' room at midnight, taking the form of a large, shadowy black cat approaching his bed. The cat is only seen by Galis; he believes it to be a transformed witch due to his brother James' encounter with Mother Dutton at the age of fifteen. Galis claims to be visited numerous times by this apparition, adding later in the account that it may instead be the Devil himself in the cat's likeness.suddainly about twelue a clock in the night a shodowe of a huge and mightie black Cat, appered in my Chamber, which ye more as she approched ner my bed side: so much the more began my here to stand vpright, my hart to faint, and my paines more and more to encrease, in so much I was constrained to call for my Fathers Maid, to vring a Candle, wherby I might more clerly beholde mine Enemie which did so euelly intreat me, which Maide, being entred into my Chamber: I willed to looke for ye Cat, but she was not to be found, neither could the light which she brought continue burning, at which strange sight beeing amased: the Maide beeing gon to bed again, and I left tumbling and tossing in my bed, more like to dye then any longer to liue, my shets wringing wet with sweat caused through this suddain feare, I called at the last to my remembrance a Brother of mine named Iames Galis who about the ASingle illegible lettere off fiftene yeres falling out with one Mother Dutton one of the hellish broode, and at that time suspected to be in that inded which afterward she prooued was in like sorte taken in his bed, and bereft of his wits, which vntil this day are not his owne stil crying away with the Witch away with the Witch, I forewith coniectured that the same Cat which so amazed me, was either some Witch or of some Witches sending and that my paines before and at that instaunce sustained was by some Witch practised vpon me.

Appears in:
Galis, Richard. A Brief Treatise Containing the Most Strange and Horrible Cruelty of Elizabeth Stile alias Rockingham and her Confederates. London: 1572, 5-6