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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 210 (plural)A group of imps that appear in the form of kittens and belong to Mother Benefield. Benefield states that the imps are her children, which "she had by as handsome a man as any was in England." Benefield sends the imps to kill a horse, a cow, and a child (Anonymous 193).The Confession of REBECCA WEST, daughter to Anne West of Colchester in ESSEX. The said Rebecca confessed at the Barre, that about Shrovetide last her mother bad her make haste of her worke, for she must gee along with her before Sunne downe: and as they were going over the fields, her mother gave her a great charge never to speake of what shee should heare or see, and she faithfully promised to keep counsel. When she came to the house of meeting there were five Witches more; the two chiefs were Mother Benefield and Mother Goodwin: this Mother Goodwin pulled out a Booke, and after their manner they prayed out of it, and presently their severall Impes appeared in severall shapes: fix whereof appeared in the shapes of Kitnens about a weeke old in Mother Benefield's lap, and after she had kissed them, she said unto Rebecca that those were all her children which she had by as handsome a man as any was in England. Then they commanded their Spirits come to kill such a mans Horse, some a cow, some a Childe

Appears in:
Anonymous. A True Relation of the Arraignment of Thirty Witches at Chensford in Essex. London: 1645, 2