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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 209A spirit that appears in the form of a red dog, and is allegedly kept by Elizabeth Clarke. Elizabeth sends the spirit to Mr. Long to make him fall off his horse and break his neck, which it fails to do. According to Goodwife Clarke, the red dog spirit did not perform its task "because the power of God was above the power of the Devil."The evidence of Mr. Long a Minister neere Colchester in Essex. First, that as he was riding on the way, the shape of a red Dog passed by him, at which his blood did rise: and being passed a small distance, turned his face, his eyes appearing not like the eyes of any creature, his horse presently started, and never left kicking and flinging untill he threw him downe, but had no hurt. An old woman in the Towne called goodwife Clarke being mistrusted and examined before Sir Thomas Boes, confessed that she sent forth this spirit, with command to make the horse throw Mr. Loig and breake his necke: and being demanded by Sir Thomas Boes what was the reason the Spirit did not performe her commands, she answered because the power of God was above the power of the Divel.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A True Relation of the Arraignment of Thirty Witches at Chensford in Essex. London: 1645, 5