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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 30A spirit that appears to Edmund Newton in the form of a bearded man with cloven feet, "cloathed in russet." Anonymous 30 offers to heal Newton's sore leg, a proposition that Newton does not accept.At euery seuerall time of buying Cheese he was grieuously afflicted, being thrice, and at the last, either she or a spirit in her likenesse did appeare vnto him, and whisked about his face (as he lay in bed) a wet cloath of very loathsome sauour; after which hee did see one cloathed in russet with a little bush beard, who told him hee was sent to looke vpon his sore legge, and would heale it; but rising to shew the same, perceiuing hee had clouen feet, refused that offer, who then (these being no vaine conceits, or phantasies, but well aduised and diligently considered [...] suddenly vanished out of sight.

Appears in:
Roberts, Alexander. A Treatise of Witchcraft. London: 1616, 57