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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 214A familiar that appears in the form of a toad, and is allegedly kept by Mary Smith. This unfortunate amphibian appears in Edmund Newton's shoe making shop ,and is burned alive (for over 15 minutes) as an act of counter magic; it takes over an hour for the toad to burn.After this she sent her Impes, a Toad, and Crabs crawling about the house, which was a shoppe planchered with boords, where his seruants (hee being a Shooemaker) did worke: one of which tooke that toad, put it into the fire, where it made a groaning noyse for one quarter of an houre before it was consumed; during which time Mary Smith who sent it, did endure, (as was reported) torturing paines, testifying the felt griefe by her out-cryes then made.

Appears in:
Holland, Henry. A Treatise Against Witchcraft. Cambridge: 1590, 57-58