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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
The RogueA spirit from Spital in the County of Northumberland, that allegedly appeared to Margaret Muschamp in various forms, such as a dragon, bear, horse or cow. during one of her fits. She was seen in her bed to shield herself from blows, which she claimed came from "a Club, a Staffe, a Sword, and Dagger." Her "good things" (Anonymous 157 and Anonymous 158) fought for her and defeated this sprit. When the fit began, Muschamp was heard to cry out "the Rogue," a term later used to refer to John Hutton and implying that this spirit was either acting on Hutton's behalf, or Hutton himself.After two or three weekes she [Margaret Muschamp] had another fit of her former torments after she had lyen three or foure weekes in her extremity, begun, and cryed the Rogue, never till then, offering a word in her torments, but as if some were striking at her; she seemed to save her selfe with hands and bedcloaths from blowes, deciphering a wretched creature as we all after knew by her description: Sometimes he would fight with her in the shape of a Dragon, of a Bear, a Horse, or Cow: Many fancies she did expresse; and good things, she sayd, fought for her, and still got the better of him: The enemies Weapons were a Club, a Staffe, a Sword, and Dagger; her good things got them all, as she thought, and after the wretch, she thought, got the Dagger againe.

Appears in:
Moore, Mary. Wonderfull Newes from the North. London: 1650, 5