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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 113A familiar that appears in the form of a toad and belongs to Joan Upney of Dagenham, Essex, given to her by Mother Arnold (alias White-Cote) circa 1581 or 1582 along with a mole-shaped familiar, presumably as replacements for the first preternatural being (a mole) which died. She was able to keep this toad "a great while," but it also presumably died. The confession of Ioan Vpney of Dagenham, in the Countye of Essex, who was brought before Sir Henrye Gray Knight, the third of May. 1589. THis examinate saith, that one Fustian Kirtle, otherwise called White-cote, a witch of Barking, came to her house about seauen or eight yeeres agoe, and gaue her a thing like a Moule, and tolde her if she ought any body any ill will, if she did bid it, it would goe clap them. She saith that Moule taryed not aboue a yeere with her, but it consumed away, and then she gaue her another Moule and a Toad, which she kept a great while, and was neuer without some Toades since till her last going away from her house, when she confesseth she ranne away, because she heard Iohn Harrolde and Richard Foster say she was a witch, and urch other woordes. She saith that one day she lest a Toade vnder the groundsill at Harrolds house, and it pinched his wife and sucked her til she dyed, but it neuer ca~e to her the saide Ioan Upney againe. She saith, that one day another Toade went ouer her threshold as Richard Fosters wife was coming that way, and it went and pinched her, and neuer returned againe. Other two Toades she left at home, when she ran away, but they consumed away. She saith that her eldest Daughter would neuer abide to meddle with her Toades, but her youngest daughter would handle them, and vse them as well as her selfe.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Apprehension and Confession of Three Notorious Witches. London: 1589, Sig. Aiiiv, B