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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 91The familiar of Mother Atkins who visits the servant Richard Burt in the shape of a "monstrous black cat" during his lunch hour in Pinner, Middlesex. The cat startles Richard Burt, and "began to shake the strawe, and to make a wad thereof." The next day which was on Wednesday the 8 of march, going againe to his masters barne to thrath, a serue certaine beasts, because he would not trudge too and fro for letting his work, carried his dinner with him, which was bread, butter, cheese and applypy, a bottle of the best beer: being come to the barne he laide his provision, and settled close to his busines, labouring hard til twelve of the clock, at which time hunger assailing and custome preuailing, he went to dinner, wherin he had not long continued, but ther was opposite to his view a monstrous blacke Cat among the straw, which began to shake the strawe, and to make a wad thereof. . The fellow being agast start up with his applepie in his hande (for it had byn pittie a poor hungrie threther should have lost so good a repast)

Appears in:
B., G.. A Most Wicked Worke of a Wretched Witch, (the Like Whereof None Can Record these Manie Yeeres in England) . London: 1592, 3