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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 37A spirit in the shape of a "whyte thing" that surrounds Anne Mylner when she returns home from Fathers Kyne's and passes into the fieldes along the "high way neare to the City." The day after encountering this entity, Mylner is forced to stay in bed due to illness and pain all over her body, and does not eat or drink for several days. Mylner suffers from fits and is considered possessed for upwards of fifteen weeks. Master (John) Lane preaches and prays for Mylner repeatedly and she is eventually restored to a perfect health and liking.Anne Mylner a Mayden of the age of .xviii. yeres, daughter to Ra[...]dulphe Mylner, and broughte vp in her Fathers house, wythin the bridge strete of the same City, we[...]t the .xviii. daye of October last, to bring her Fathers Kyne into the fieldes. And at her returne, comming in the high way neare to the City, was sodaynlye taken wyth great feare, and thoughte that she saw a whyte thing compassing her round about, and so amased, came to her fathers house, & in the nexte morning felt her selfe greued, & very sore in al the partes of her body, which so increased, that thereupon she was enforced to keepe her bed, beyng verye sicke. And during the space of fyue dayes then next ensuing, did not take anye kynde of bodely sustenance, as her Parentes hath sundry tymes declared. She had her fyt and traunce almost fro[...] houre to houre, and had neuer aboue three houres rest in the day & night. Neyther did eate during the time of her sycknes, but once in ech xxiiii. houres, and then most commonly a litle quantitye of breade and cheese, which notwithsta[...]ding was done with wonderfull snatching and rashnes.

Appears in:
Fisher, John. The Copy of a Letter Describing the Wonderful Woorke of God in Deliuering a Mayden within the City of Chester. London: 1565, 1-3