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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 99A familiar that appears in the form of a gray imp who is sent to Anne Leech in Mistley, Suffolk and kills a black cow and white cow belonging to Richard Edwards and two horses belonging to Mr. Bragge. Anonymous 99 sucks from Anne Leech and speaks to her often. Anonymous 99 also kills Elizabeth Kirk, and the daughter of Widow Rawlyns.That she had a gray Jmpe sent to her, and that this Examinant, together with the said Elizabeth Clarke, and Elizabeth, the wife of Edward Gooding, did about a yeer since, send their Jmpes to kill a black Cowe and a white Cowe of Mr. Edwards which was done accordingly: And this Examinant saith, that she sent her gray Jmpe, Elizabeth Clarke a black Jmpe, and Elizabeth Gooding a white Jmpe: And this Examinant saith. that about thirty yeeres since, she sent a gray Jmp to kill two Horses of one Mr. Bragge of Misley, which were killed accordingly; and that the occasion of her Malice was, because Mistrisse Bragge had told this Examinant, that she suspected her to be a naughty woman; [...] And this Examinant also confesseth, she sent her gray Jmpe to Elizabeth the daughter of Robert Kirk of Manytree, about three yeares since, to destroy her; and upon the sending of the said Jmpe, the said Elizabeth lanhished by the space of one whole year, untill she dyed, and that the occasion of offence this Examinant took against her the said Elizabeth was, for that she had asked a Coife of the said Elixabeth, which she refused to give to this Examinant. And further, this Examinant saith, that long since, but the exact time she cannot remember, she sent her gray Jmpe to kill the daughter of the widow Rawlyns of Misley aforesaid; and the reason was; because this Examinant was put out of her Farm, and the said widow Rawlyns put in, where she dwelleth at this present.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A True Relation of the Araignment of Eighteene Witches. London: 1645, 7-8