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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 120A familiar that appears in the forms of a gray-blackish dog and a human with cloven feat, and is allegedly kept by John Walsh. Walsh apparently kept the familiar for one year of his master's life, and for three years after his master's death. After performing various tasks for Walsh, the familiar would be given "some lyving thing, as a Chicken, a Cat, or a Dog." Walsh also had to give the familiar "two lyving thynges once a year," along with one drop of Walsh's blood," which the "Spirite did take away upon hys paw." Eightly, he being demaunded whether he had euer any Familiar or no: he sayth that he had one of his sayde mayster. Which Familiar (after his booke of Circles was taken from him by one Robert Baber of Crokehorne, then beyng Constable, in the yeare. 1565) he coulde neuer do any thing touching his Familiar, nor the vse thereof, but hys Familiar dyd then depart from him, and wyll neuer come to him agayne, as he sayth. And further he sayth vpon his oth, that his Familiar would somtyme come vnto hym lyke a gray blackish Culuer, and somtime lyke a brended Dog, and somtimes lyke a man in all proportions, sauing that he had clouen feete. Ninthly, he being demaunded howe long he had the vse of the Familiar: He sayd one yeare by his sayd maisters life, and. iiii. yeres after his death. And whe~ he would call him for a horse stollen, or for any other matter wherein he would vse him: hee sayth hee must geue hym some lyuing thing, as a Chicken, a Cat, or a Dog. And further he sayth he must geue hym twoo lyuing thynges once a yeare. And at the first time when he had the Spirite, hys sayd maister did cause him to deliuer him one drop of his blud, whych bloud the Sprite did take away vpon hys paw.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Examination of John Walsh before Master Thomas Williams. London: 1566, 4

Anonymous 120A familiar from Belvoir in the County of Leicestershire, known to be white in colour allegedly belonging to Margaret Flower. Flower claimed during her examination that Anonymous 120 would suck from her left breast. When it first came to her, she promised it her soul, and it made a covenant with her to do whatever she commanded of it.The Examination of Margaret Flower, at the same time, &c. SHee confesseth, that she hath two familiar Spirits sucking on her, the one white, the other black spotted; the white sucked vnder her left brest, and the blacke spotted within the inward parts of her secrets. When shee first entertained them she promised them her soule, and they couenanted to doe all things which she commanded them &c.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Wonderful Discovery of the Witchcrafts of Margaret and Phillip Flower. London: 1619, G