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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 103A familiar in the form of a black imp who is allegedly sent by Elizabeth Gooding of Mistley in the county of Essex to kill John Edwards, the infant son of Richard Edwards, along with a white imp belonging to Anne Leech. This may be meant to represent one of the two imps which Gooding is legally indicted for entertaining and feeding, which include "a 'younge catt' and the other of a mouse, and one was called 'pease.'"this Examinant confessed, that she and the said Elizabeth Gooding, sent either of them an Jmpe to destroy the child of the said Mr. Edwards; this Examinants Jmpe being then a white one, and Elizabeth Goodings a black Jmpe

Appears in:
Anonymous. A True Relation of the Araignment of Eighteene Witches. London: 1645, 7