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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 104A familiar that appears in the form of a gray imp who is exchanged among Anonymous 105, Anonymous 102, Anne Pearce of Stoke in Ipswich, Suffolk, and Anne Leech, her sister-in-law. The gray imp causes mischief between the exchanges, sucked from Anne Leech, and often spoke to her. and that about thirty yeeres since, this Examinant had the said white Jmpe, and two others, a gray, and a black Jmpe, of one Anne, the wife of Robert Pearce of Stoak in Suffolk, being her brother; and that these Jmpes went commingly from one two another, and did mischiefe where ever they went; and that when this Examinant did not send and imploy them abroad to do mischiefe, she had not her health, but when they were imployed she was healthfull and well, and that these Jmpes did usually suck those teats which were found about the private parts of her body; and that the said Jmpes did often speak to this Examinant, and told her, she should never feele hell torments, and that they spake to her in an hollow voyee, which she plainly understood:

Appears in:
Anonymous. A True Relation of the Araignment of Eighteene Witches. London: 1645, 7