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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
GrissillOne of three familiar spirits from Raunds in Northampton, alleged to belong to Arthur BIll. Their shape, use and the conditions of their upkeep are unknown; Bill is said to have given this one the name Grissill.It said is that hee had thr[e]e Spirits to whom h[e]e gaue thr[e]e speciall names, the Diuell himselfe sure was godfather to them all, The first h[e]e called Grissill, The other was named Ball, and the last Iacke, but in what at shapes they appeered vnto him I cannot learne. For Diuels can appere both in a bodily shape, and vse sp[e]ech and conference with men. Dur Sauiour saith, That a Spirit hath neither flesh nor bones: A Spirit hath a substance, but yet such as is inuisible, whereupon it must n[e]edes b[e]e granted, that Deuils in their owne nature haue no bodily shape nor visible forme, it is moreouer against the Truth and against Piety to beleue, that Deuils can create, or make bodies or change one body into another, for those things are proper to God.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Witches of Northampton-shire. Agnes Browne. Joane Vaughan. Arthur Bill. Hellen Jenkenson. Mary Barber. London: 1612, C4