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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Imp 6An imp that is allegedly employed by Aubrey Grinset of Dunwich in the County of Suffolk. Grinset is alleged to have sent this imp to cause Thomas Spatchet's fits, which was done at the Devil's urging.She answered, that She must Confess the Devil had beguilded her, and that She had been a Witch above 20 years, that She [had] made an agreement with the Devil, and She thought the time was nea[r] out; she declared also as before, how She became a Witch, and in what shape her Imp (which She imployed[)] appeared to her, and such like. He asked her whether She had imployed her Imp to him and why She did it? She Confessed that She had sent it to him and said that She did bear him no Ill will, but it was against her Will, She could not help it, the Devil would let her be at no quiet till She had done it; adding, that he never did her hurt, but had been loving and kind to her, in giving her Money (for She was Poor) but She was the worse to him. [...] She said, if it were possible She would never send her Imp to him again, adding O that I could not, it would be happy for you, and more Happy for me.

Appears in:
Petto, Samuel. A Faithful Narrative of the Wonderful and Extraordinary Fits . London: 1693, 19, 20