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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 49One of the familiars allegedly kept by Elizabeth Clarke of Manningtree in Essex. Clarke offers to call this spirit to come and play on her lap if Matthew Hopkins and John Sterne promise not to hurt her. They refuse and the familiar does not appear. This may be Holt, the white kitten that Clake is found guilty of entertaining, employing, end feeding with the "intention of obtaining [its] help in "Witchcraftes, inchtement, charmes and sorecrices," or it may be another familiar. Clarke is hanged on a different charge. The Information of Matthew Hopkins, of Mannintree, Gent. taken upon Oath before us the 25th day of March. 1645. THis Informant saith, That the said Elizabeth Clarke (suspected for a Witch as aforesaid) being by the appointment of the said Justices watched certaine nights, for the better discovery of her wicked Practises, this Informant came into the roome where the said Elizabeth was watched, as aforesaid, the last night, being the 24th of this instant March, but intended not to have stayed long there. But the said Elizabeth forthwith told this Informant and one Master Sterne there present, if they would stay and do the said Elizabeth no hurt, she would call one of her white Impes, and play with it in her lap; but this Informant told her, they would not allow of it [...] the said Elizabeth then told this Informant that shee had five Impes of her owne, and two of the Impes of the old Beldam Weste (meaning one Anne Weste, widow) who is now also suspected to be guilty of Witchcraft: And said sometimes the Impes of the old Beldam sucked on the said Elizabeth, and sometimes her Impes sucked on the old Beldam Weste.

Appears in:
H., F.. A True and Exact Relation of the severall Informations, Examinations, and Confessions of the late Witches, arraigned and executed in the County of Essex. . London: 1645, 6