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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Mary Johnson ApparitionThe apparition of Mary Johnson which appears to Annaball Durrant. After seeing this apparition, in the rather inauspicious location of an outhouse, Durrant is struck stiff, lame, and mute. She remains in this condition for around two weeks before regaining her health.The Information of Anthall the wife of George Ditrrant taken upon oath before the said Justices, April 29. 1645. [...] And further, this Informant saith, that immediately after the death of her child, she was taken with extreme pains in her body, sometimes every day or at least every third day, for the space of seven or eight moneths together as if she had been to be delivered of a child, but was not with child; And this Informant saith, that setting up of broome in an out-house presently after her child was dead, she had the perfect representation of a shape, to her thinking, like the said Mary Johnson and was struck with a lamenesse in her Arms, and such a stiffnesse that three or foure that came to help her, were not able to bow her Arms: and this Informant continued speechlesse all that day and the night following, and had such a weaknesse in the rest of her limbes, that she was carried into her house by some of her friends, and continued by the space of a fortnight, being before untill this present (as she conceived) in perfect health and strength

Appears in:
H., F.. A True and Exact Relation of the severall Informations, Examinations, and Confessions of the late Witches, arraigned and executed in the County of Essex. . London: 1645, 24